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Living environment
Living room, two bedrooms, bed loft (6 beds), kitchen, window-terrace, WC/shower/washing machine/, refrigerator, stove, outside-baht, TV etc.




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Day trips in the area by car
 Museum of Middle Ages in Lödöse, ca 20  min. 
  Gräfsnäs ruined castle Antens railwaymuseum, cafétown Alingsås, ca 35 min. 
  Bohus fort and Kungälvs old town, ca 30 min. 
  Göteborg med Liseberg, Universeum mm, ca 40 minuter. 
  Trollhättan med Innovatum och Fallens dagar mm, ca 45 min.
  vGolf, 15 km, indoor swimming pool, 8 km, pizza 8 km.
  Tourist in Ale

Tenancy agreement signs at the arrival - contents        following terms:
  The holiday home is let during stated period for stated price.
  The tenant must be careful and take good care of the holiday home
  The tenant is responsible for damage caused by tenants. If damage occurs, the tenant must contact the landlord immediately.
  The tenant may not put the holiday home at someone elses disposal. 
  It is the landlords responsibility to insure the holiday home and furnishings.
  The holiday home must be left clean and tidy.

The following objekts are included in the rent 





Other information
  Dogs not allowed
  No smoking indoors

Travel instructions

From south
From Gotenburg - drive way 45 to north, about 35 km. Just next Älvängen, turn wright and drive to Skepplanda. 

From north:
From Trollhattan - drive way 45 south, about 40 km Before Älvängen turn left to Skepplanda.

When you are come to Skepplanda drive through Skepplanda and drive on in the forest on the small way - Kvarnabovägen. 
About 5 km into Kvarnabovägen there are comming a straight stretch and after further 1 km you see open landscape an a few houses. Turn left at the mailboxes an you can see the grey-painted cottage. 
Keys delivers by agreement.

  Dan Andersson, mobil: 0738 11 70 69,

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